Mandy Brown Art

Artist and Illustrator

Newcastle Upon Tyne


I'm Mandy Brown artist in recovery


I have always used art as a visceral medium, to explore my gendered, sociopolitical issues, traumas and struggles as a woman and lone parent.


I'm now producing a much more 'authentically me' practice, depicting the freedom of my journey of self discovery.


The main body of my work has been produced in difficult times and whilst battling addiction. My work has encapsulated the torture, isolation, self doubt and the detrimental internal self destructive dialogue, that goes hand in hand with the 'affliction of addiction'.


I studied BA (honours) Fine Art at Northumbria University 11 years ago, where I became very interested in exploring alternative ways to represent female and gender issues.


The juxtaposition of my personal and creative is examined through my art, in a painful yet aesthetically beautiful overview of my life.


I continue to explore my addictions, oppressions and female energy through my practice.


All my works are hand drawn in pen or painted, with no digital manipulation.


I hope you enjoy my art; comments are welcome and please feel free to contact me about commissioned pieces.